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主 演:艾莉森·杜迪 詹姆斯·卡沙莫 史蒂文·伯克夫 丽赛特·安东尼
状 态:完结类 型:剧情片
上映时间:2014地 区:欧美
更新时间:2019-08-13 19:33:05
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When retired East End villain Charlie Archer is murdered by a feral street gang, his brother Ritchie returns to London from Spain to investigate. With the police investigation drawing blank after blank, Ritchie decides to take the law into his own hands and bring his old school justice back to the streets of East London. Rounding up his old firm, he leads a vigilante crusade against the vicious young criminals, using every grizzly method at his disposal to find and punish his brother s killers. They"re outgunned and outnumbered, but this firm has never been outclassed yet.!Www.Youjizz.Com|http://www.3pot.cn